Covid-19 Vaccinations

Mitchell’s Discount Drug COVID-19 Vaccination

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Please follow the steps below to sign up for our waiting list:

Please note that signing up on this waiting list does not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your vaccination needs, although we will do our best.

Step 1:
Sign Up
By clicking the Sign Up button and completing the form, you will be added to our waiting list for COVID-19 vaccination. We will prioritize the waiting list based on groups established by NCDHHS and the CDC.
Sign Up
Step 2: Receive a Call to Schedule Your Appointment
The next time we will communicate with you is when you are ready to be scheduled for the vaccine. Demand and vaccine availability will determine how long it will take to get an appointment. On the day of your appointment, please remember to bring your ID and your insurance card (if applicable).

Step 3:
Receive Your Second Dose
At your first visit you will receive a card indicating the approximate time of when your next dose is due.  A few days prior to that you will receive another call from us informing you of when to show up for your second dose.

*Please continue to do your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by following best practices. Learn more about how to keep yourself and others safe by visiting the CDC Website.

*For more information about NCDHHS' strategies for vaccination, please click here: