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Delivery Service  

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Can’t make it to us? No Problem!

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Mitchell's Discount Drugs is pleased to offer free delivery of prescription and over the counter medication 6 days a week to our customers.  No hidden charges. That’s what we do because that’s the way it was done years ago in the traditional pharmacy setting.
We may be a small pharmacy, but we’re mighty.

Whether you’re a parent home with a sick child or someone who is unable to drive, arranging delivery is as simple as a phone call.  We accept most major prescription insurance plans and coverage, and our prices are always competitively priced. We can accept your credit card payment over the phone or receive cash or check at the time of delivery.

Once you walk in our doors and entrust your care to us, we won’t let you down. And we’ll be here for you when you need us.

(336) 623-3132